The art I enjoy is the one that manages to function as a lens, a layer of perspective over reality. A method of analysis, contrast fluid to highlight peculiarities, function and flaws of hidden structures. Finding out something I didn’t know within the space of an art show is a favourite thrill.

My production hinges around matters of scientific investigation, in a very broad sense. I might eat, sleep and breathe fluid dynamics for a month to then get obsessed by mental syndromes the next. The base of my work is understanding, knowledge and information gathering and delivering.
My artworks aim to understand a phenomenon as deeply as possible, until I’m able to twist it and look at it from different angles, create connections and place it in a wider context. That is the moment I feel able to cast it into whichever artistic shape it’ll want to take.

These outcomes mostly exist in the digital realm. Video, photography and sound are the bearing pillars of my production, to which at times I add sections in the physical space when needed, much like clues and leads supporting a hypothesis.